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Bluetooth Speaker Specifications

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Bluetooth headsets currently on the market more products, while Bluetooth speaker is relatively small. The so-called Bluetooth speaker, actually refers to the Bluetooth transmission protocol relies on a sound carrier data transmission, since most mobile devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs) are set to have a Bluetooth chip, no cable or wire is connected to the audio quickly be identified, simple operation, easy connection.
Judging from the sound, CD-quality data (44.1KHz sampling rate, 16bit sampling accuracy) of valid audio data about 1.4Mbit, CD-quality music signal to be transmitted, the transmission rate can be achieved in just to keep 2Mbit per second, Bluetooth "2.1 + EDR" specification is sufficient to do the job. Moreover, since these products are often follow the traditional acoustic structure of mature speakers, wireless broadcast after the integrated Bluetooth module with the same level of sound quality speaker products fairly.
From the specification, although the Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 standards have been proposed, but the former is mainly reflected in the Bluetooth RF modulation in the Wi-Fi line, which is reflected in the automatic power control applications, ie, low-power on, from two versions reflects the progress of Bluetooth technology, but little contact with audio applications. View from the chip-level applications for 3.0/4.0 version.
Mainstream Bluetooth A2DP stereo speakers are used in the agreement, and 2012 smartphones tablet PCs and other devices support A2DP protocol, so the use of perspective, Bluetooth speakers absolutely no obstacles.