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Bluetooth Speaker Application

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In 2012 the rapid development of computer Bluetooth smartphones and tablets, and its performance and screen has let consumers wonder, affected by volume, with the exception of speakers and there is no good solution. Auditory perception is one of the most important human consumers increasing demands for this part. Bluetooth speaker homeopathic sky, portable way wireless transmission, stylish appearance by consumers strongly favorite.
Not the same as with other wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers has its unique characteristics:
A wide range of applications
Bluetooth specification unified global, mobile phone, PDA, wireless headsets, laptops, automotive, medical equipment, computer peripherals and other devices, as long as a Bluetooth adapter, you can easily connect a Bluetooth device for data transfer or voice communications, widespread popularity , good compatibility.
2, easy to operate
Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology, it does not require fixed infrastructure, and easy to install and set up, no cable connection can be realized, very easy to use, simply complete the pairing can be put into use, lower operating threshold.
3, the transmission speed faster
Compared to other methods such as infrared, Bluetooth protocol on speed has obvious advantages, Bluetooth 4.0 theoretical maximum speed of 24Mbps, faster higher quality can be guaranteed to have the ability to carry a higher rate music.
4, the transmission distance is moderate
Bluetooth transmission distance is generally less than 10 meters, just a room size, and can transmit data partition, very suitable for home environments.
While there are many advantages, but because 2.4G Bluetooth transmission protocol and other equipment, are sharing this band signal, which will inevitably lead to the emergence of signals interfere with each other. In addition, the agreement is not a free Bluetooth technology, any manufacturer to use this technology to the organization must pay a royalty, which is part of the cost will be reflected in the cost, the 2012 Bluetooth audio equipment prices remain high ordinary products.