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Bluetooth Speaker

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     Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth technology is used in the traditional digital and multimedia speakers, allowing users to dispense annoying wires to tie him down, the freedom to listen to music in various ways. Since the advent of Bluetooth speakers, with the development of smart terminals widespread concern tablet and other users of mobile phones. Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth) wireless technology allows the speaker becomes possible, abroad Sony (sony) innovation (creative) domestic Cruiser (Edifier) ​​Sound Germany (sounder), have introduced a wide variety of appearance of many "Bluetooth Speaker", consumers spent about costs ranging from 150 yuan to 3,000 yuan, you can let yourself have a super-stylish and convenient Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers: Bluetooth is a low-cost high-capacity short-range wireless communication specifications. Bluetooth laptop that has Bluetooth wireless communication function laptop. Bluetooth transmission protocol relies on information transmission speakers, because most mobile devices (cell phones, laptops, tablet PCs) are set to have a Bluetooth chip, do not need a data cable or audio cable connection can be identified quickly, simple operation, easy connection. Bluetooth 10th century history of the development, the Nordic feudal hegemony, the Danish king to come forward, in his tireless efforts and bloody war was stopped, the parties have sat down at the negotiating table. Through communication, princes to bury the hatchet and become friends. As the Danish king love eating blueberries that have been dyed blue tooth, known as the King of Bluetooth, so Bluetooth communication will become synonymous. Today, a thousand years later, when the introduction of new wireless communication norms, people use Bluetooth to name it. In 1995, Ericsson Bluetooth first proposed the concept. Bluetooth specification microwave bands, 1M bytes per second transfer rate, the maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, by increasing the transmit power of up to 100 meters. Bluetooth is a global open, has good compatibility on a global scale, the world can be a low-cost Bluetooth network invisible piece. Bluetooth technology is not only used in computers, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, fax machines, home appliances and other electronic devices can be used many Bluetooth technology, wireless connectivity, without having to drag a tail (cable). With the popularity of Bluetooth technology, home decoration for the electrical wiring is no longer worry; When using electrical appliances, remote control and do not have a lot of headaches, a cell phone or a car key will be able to get everything; away from home, the company's work and pictures of their loved ones at home can get anywhere; punch, payment do not line up, from the vicinity of the point after the payment, do not have the door can be easily done, "" widely used Bluetooth technology will make our lives easier than ever. Bluetooth speakers are widely used: in 2012 the rapid development of computer Bluetooth smartphones and tablets, and its performance and screen has let consumers wonder, affected by volume, with the exception of speakers and there is no good solution. Auditory perception is one of the most important human consumers increasing demands for this part. Bluetooth speaker homeopathic sky, portable way wireless transmission, stylish appearance by consumers strongly favorite. Not the same as with other wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers has its unique characteristics: 1, widely used globally harmonized technical specifications of Bluetooth mobile phone, PDA, wireless headsets, laptops, automotive, medical equipment, computer peripherals and other devices, as long as a Bluetooth adapter, you can easily connect a Bluetooth device for data transfer or voice communications, widespread popularity, good compatibility. 2, easy to operate Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology, it does not require fixed infrastructure, and easy to install and set up, no cable connection can be realized, very easy to use, simply complete the pairing can be put into use, the operating threshold lower. 3, the transmission is faster than other methods such as infrared, Bluetooth protocol on speed has obvious advantages, Bluetooth 4.0 theoretical maximum speed of 24Mbps, faster speed can ensure higher quality, so there is enough the ability to carry a higher bit rate music. 4, the transmission is generally less than 10 meters, just a moderate size Bluetooth transmission distance from the room, and can transmit data partition, very suitable for home environments. Bluetooth speaker transmission distance transmission distance problem is all the more concern. Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth version has nothing to do with the transmission distance, depending on the sophistication of the technology. PowerClass2 standard transmission distance of 10 meters; while upgrading PowerClass1 transmission distance will be raised to 100 meters, and provides Hi-Fi stereo effect.

      In general, the phone with a Bluetooth speaker distance is not too far away, the transmission distance is about comparing insurance within 10 meters. Bluetooth speaker market reached 10 meters standard. When consumers purchase the version of Bluetooth speakers, often see Bluetooth 1.1,1.2,2.0,3.0,4.0 other figures, these figures represent different versions, but also represents the ability of Bluetooth speaker interference. Currently the most common of 2.0, 3.0 is the new mainstream, 4.0 just launched shortly. Bluetooth version is different about the quality of the received signal. The new version also stressed overcome noise. The new version can be backward compatible, when consumers buy a measure of price and demand. Built-in battery Bluetooth Digital speakers are built-in battery, so that the truly wireless. Built-in battery is good or bad will determine the Bluetooth digital speakers playing time and life. Please carefully asked repeatedly charged the actual playing time and decay times before buying. In addition to functional considerations, the key Bluetooth speaker appearance and function must also be noted that when consumers buy. Everyone face shape is different from the user to try before you buy quality and functionality, and then shot to buy.